1. Private/Semi-Private Lessons

A private lesson is a lesson that is just the couple and the instructor. You will take this lesson in the ballroom and other lessons might be going on at the same time. You do not get a private room. You can pick any dance you wish to learn and the lessons are booked according to your availability.

A semi-private lesson is a private lesson where 2 or 3 couples are learn together with one teacher. The group chooses the dances they want to learn. Price depends on how many couples are in the group.

Practice Sessions

Practice on near competition-size floor any time of the week for only $7/couple/hour. Use of sound system restricted during lessons. Space limited during Group lessons.

Friday Dance Parties

Every third Friday of the month from 8 pm to 11:00 pm. Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Line dances, Spot dances, Theme nights. $7.00 per person entry fee. Mini lesson at 9:00 PM. Licensed LLBO. No smoking. Casual dress. Open to everyone and all levels!

What is taught in the Beginner Ballroom class?

You will be introduced to the basic steps of  ballroom and/or  latin dance in the American social style. This class is for new dancers, no dance experience needed.

What is taught in the Intermediate level?

A quick review of the beginner steps, plus more figures in each dance. Technique is touched upon as well as working on lead and follow.

What should I wear?

Make sure you dress comfortably. Avoid tight, long skirts, sneakers, open-heeled sandals, and very thick-soled shoes. Bare feet or socks only are not allowed. Boots are not allowed on the dance floor. Dress shoes are best for men. For those who continue past levels 1 & 2, we strongly recommend proper dance shoes for both men and women. Take a look at the dance shoes at ‘I Love Dance Shoes’ for affordable, comfortable dance shoes. www.ilovedanceshoes.com

Why can’t I dance in my normal street shoes?

Dancing in your normal street shoes is not forbidden, but by doing so you instantly make it harder for yourself to use your feet properly. That’s because no normal street shoes are as soft as dance shoes and you won’t be able to use your feet to the best of their ability. Additionally, dance shoes have suede soles which provide just the right amount of grip so you will glide enough to dance, but you won’t slip and fall over. Please bring clean dry shoes if the weather is wet.


Do I need a partner?

Private lessons: Although recommended, you don’t need a partner, as you dance and learn with your teacher. Semi-private lessons: Yes. The teacher must be free to help other couples in your group. Group lessons: Couples only.